The Sterrato bib-shorts have been designed for off-road and long-distance riding. The fabric is water repellent to protect from rain and mud. It is a material with a very warm fleece to protect from the extreme cold. Compared to long tights, bib tights offer the advantage of adapting better to the cyclist’s leg and help improve freedom of movement while riding, improving performance. By not putting pressure on the kneecap, it avoids causing knee pain, especially when you spend a lot of time on the bike.The shorts can be combined with a legwarmer protecting the whole leg from the cold.The shorts have 4 pockets to carry what you need on long rides. The pad we have proposed is Ergotech, one of the best pads on the market, which has received excellent reviews. It is a pad with high density foams but at the same time it is light to grant maximum comfort during the ride.The foams are the same ones that are used in the medical field, therefore antibacterial and very breathable to avoid the onset of irritation.


TEMPERATURES : -5° / +12°

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