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Giessegi was founded in 1984 thanks to the intuition and expertise of Simone Fraccaro, professional road and track cyclist from 1974 to 1984. A company with more than thirty years of experience in the production of technical clothing for cycling at the highest levels. Simone Fraccaro, after a long sporting career alongside numerous champions such as Moser and Saronni, has been able to translate into his company the innate passion and many years of experience as a professional, using a highly specialized staff in the textile and sportswear sector.


Giessegi has always paid the utmost attention to the needs of cycling, focusing on the design and construction of a high quality and reliability product. For this reason the constant and scrupulous work carried out in the choice of materials, the meticulous care of technical details and the search for an always innovative and avant-garde design.


The internal management of production, from the purchase of “raw” materials and accessories to the realization of the finished garment, is aimed at ensuring the quality control and efficiency of each step in the processing. The high reliability of Giessegi clothing is also guaranteed by the numerous tests carried out on the garments by professional cyclists.


The Giessegi clothing line is rich, complex, able to adapt to the multiple needs of customers without ever neglecting the technical and stylistic innovation and reliability, for the best athletic performance of those who practice this sport at every level.
And always 100% Made in Italy.