GSG – Giessegi




The minerals inside this fabric grant a total protection from the ultraviolet rays UV-A UV-B, providing the body thermal control, stimulating the microcirculation, and strengthening the metabolism.


The internal structure in Polyester of this Lycra grants sweat absorption, bringing it to the outwards.

Crono Lycra

This special structured Lycra offers an excellent muscles’ compression and a high breathability. It controls the sweat, offering hygiene and comfort.

Titan Lycra

Extra covering Lycra, composed of a titanium spun that, acting as ascreenagainsttheUVrays, preventstheincreaseofthebody temperature, intensifying the level of comfort.


Soft raw cut Lycra, with micro silicon applications for an excellent grip effect.

Compression Lycra

Fabric that add a high gradual action of compression to all the features granted by the Lycra SPORT brand.


Reflective material to grand high visibility on the road and more safety.

Windoff Max

Fabric with windproof and waterproof membrane. The structure of the membrane allows the breathability of the fabric and increases the resistance to the cold temperatures. The fabric is treated with a special water-repellent agent, resistant to water, oil and mud stains, keeping the fabric clean and dry.

Windoff Light

Light wind and waterproof fabric with water-repellent treatment in order to make the fabric resistant to wanter and mud.


4 ways stretch fleece material, warm and confortable, with Lycra Sport yarn to grant maximum elasticity and comfort. The fabric is also very resistant to peeling.


Light 4 ways stretch material, with a soft fleece inside surface to grant warmth but good moisture management. It is the right material for jackets to be used with a temperature above 8°C. It is very comfortable because of the elasticity and perspiration.


It is a bacteriostatic nylon microfiber material. It is a new technical solution that reduces the bacteria, granting maximum comfort and hygiene.