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  1. NEW YORK - 02124


    Man singlet in a four ways elastic mesh and
    an extremely light and breathable material.
    The fabric used is very soft to offer comfort on the long runs.


  2. AMSTERDAM - 03454


    Running short sleeve jersey.
    The main fabric is a very soft, breathable and elastic polyester to
    grant perspiration and comfort during the run.
    To grant a better ventilation there are also mesh inserts.


  3. MUNICH - 03458


    Running trail jersey, extremely light and breathable thanks to a very soft and elastic mesh material.
    There is front zipper and two side little pockets for carrying gels and sugars during the training and the race.


  4. DUBLIN - 03432


    Running short sleeve jersey with a round 1cm high collar.
    The fabric is a polyester mesh, very light, elastic and breathable.


  5. BERLIN - 04131


    Long sleeve running jersey for the winter season.
    The fabric is very light, soft and warm at the same time.
    It offers a very good perspiration.


  6. BOSTON - 09069


    Running vest. The material on the front, sides and the upper back part is windproof and water repellent.
    On the lower back part there is a mesh material for breathability.
    The vest is extremely light and can be folded and carried in one pocket.


  7. CHICAGO - 11065


    Long sleeve jacket. The material is windproof and water repellent.
    This jacket is extremely light and breathable.
    It can be easily carried in one pocket when folded.
    On the back there is an open insert with mesh inside to grant protection from wind and rain, granting a better perspiration.
    There are two side zipped pockets.


  8. TOKIO - 05469


    Running shorts, very light and breathable thanks to the very light and resistant Lycra Sport.
    On the back of the shorts there is a small pocket with zipper for carrying gels, keys or other small objects.
    Elastic gripper on the leg and elastic waist insert with a an adjustable cord.


  9. ADELAIDE - 02125


    Lady singlet, shaped on the women anatomy to grant a better fit. The fabric is very light and  breathable mesh polyester, extremely elastic.


  10. PARIS - 03459


    Running jersey, shaped on the women body anatomy to grant a better fit.
    The fabric is very breathable thanks to the elastic and mesh polyester.


Grid List 

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